Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another One Escapes The Dock

Caspar Weinberger bypassed earthly justice once and for all today. He was 88.

Most will remember Weinberger as an Iran/contra co-conspirator who, thanks to the outgoing President George H.W. Bush in 1992, was pardoned for his role in subverting Constitutional government -- or what Constitutional government there was at the time of his criminal activity. He was a tireless exponent of state terror in the Americas, primarily against Nicaragua, helping to slaughter tens of thousands in that country and wrecking whatever social gains had been made there before he really got rolling as Reagan's Secretary of "Defense," a rather euphemistic title, given the aggression Weinberger was associated with.

While the usual suspects are paying their "respects," look for prominent Dems and leading libs to chime in as well, all for the good of the nation, etc. Such are the niceties of our terror culture.

I'm sure his passing is a sad one for his family. Too bad some of this sadness won't be directed toward Weinberger's countless victims whose names we'll never know.