Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pants On Fire Dept.

Found the following video courtesy of my friends at Counterpunch. A must watch, whether or not you or anyone you know plans to enlist.

Yes, military recruiters lie. Oh sweet sparkling Buddha, how those motherfuckers lie. My recruiter told me all sorts of exciting tales, the places I'd see, the people I'd meet. Fortunately for me, I went in a few years after the US was kicked out of Vietnam, so the possibility of a new war seemed remote. Once in boot camp, all my Drill Sergeants could talk about was going to war, how we were gonna invade Cuba as a first step to "cleansing" Central and South America of communism. At one point, we were roused from our bunks in the middle of the night for an "emergency formation" and told that Soviet troops were being sent to Cuba and that we would soon see combat in the Caribbean. A few grunts cheered, while I felt sick inside. "I knew it!" I thought to myself. "I fucking knew it!" This charade lasted for a few hours until we were informed that this was an exercise to give us the sensation of going to war.

Of course, I was completely uneducated politically, as were most of us in the platoon. Little did any of us know that we were entering the era of imperialist war by proxy. The reality of US troops invading any country at that point was minimal. That would change within a decade's time, as we now see.

I'm glad this video exists, and I've done my small part in spreading the word. A year or so ago, my nephew expressed a desire to join either the Army or Marines. When I caught wind of this, I told him that he would most likely be sent to Iraq, and that if a recruiter told him otherwise, the guy was full of shit. While not harping on the geopolitical realities of US foreign policy, I did make it clear how the War on Terror is the biggest lie of all, and for him not to fall for any of it. Being an Army vet gave me a little extra cred on this front, so my advice was taken seriously. My nephew decided not to enlist, and is now studying to be a chef.

Food, not bombs. I've always liked that slogan.