Thursday, December 23, 2004

Must See TV!

Join the FOX family Christmas Night for a two-hour holiday special that'll let Freedom ring in the New Year!


Watch the stars from the West send their values East as we celebrate the Birth of Christ and the Trial of Saddam Hussein!

Hosts Kelsey Grammer

and "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Patricia Heaton

present a cavalcade of Pro-American Celebrities who know that the USA is always right -- especially at this time of year!

Highlights include:

Matt LeBlanc in a comedy sketch, "Joey In Abu Ghraib"!

Kid Rock singing, "Baghdad Bling (Rollin' In Da Green Zone)"!

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger leading a convoy of Humvees Against Car Bombs!

Bruce Willis breaking open a life-sized Michael Moore pinata with a Louisville Slugger signed by the Texas Rangers! (The candy then dropped from a Blackhawk helicopter over what remains of Fallujah!)

Clint Black and Toby Keith duet, "Don't Try To Escape Saddam, Or We'll Kick Your Ass Again"!

Mel Gibson reading a poem about why secular Jews hate Jesus!

A pro-war comedy newscast co-anchored by Dennis Miller and Colin Quinn!

Holiday greetings via satellite from Tony Blair and Ariel Sharon!

John Malkovich threatening to shoot journalists he doesn't like!

Jason Priestley and Chuck Norris reading Iraqi orphans' letters to Santa!

The American flag that was on that Saddam statue we pulled down!

Britney Spears singing, "Can You Feel The Missile's Heat?" and "Bomb-tastic Love"!

The Crazy Arab!

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy on "You Might Be A Sunni Extremist If . . ."

NASCAR's top 12 drivers singing "The 12 Days Of Christmas"!

America's third-graders salute President Bush!


"Hello friends. Kelsey Grammer here."

"Won't you please join me and my lovely co-host Patricia Heaton for an evening filled with holiday cheer and American might? We'll save you some egg nog, and maybe I'll sing a carol or two."

"Chesnuts roasting on a burning corpse/Jack Frost loading some ammo . . ."

A VERY AMERICAN IRAQ CHRISTMAS, December 25 at 8 Eastern. Only on FOX!