Monday, February 14, 2005

Guns For Tots

It's become a common story. Working people, thinking they've fulfilled their military service, either get their tours in Iraq extended or are pulled from civilian life and thrown into BushCo's Iraqi meatgrinder. Donna Cote, mother of two young kids, is one of the latest people to face this dilemma.

"My children, who's going to care for them? I'm a stay-at-home mom, my husband works 80 to 85 hours a week and I don't have any family here in Rhode Island that can care for my kids."

Now, you'd think that some of the swivelchair commandos would read this and say, "Hey, I support the war in Iraq. Maybe I should enlist and try to take Donna Cote's place so she can raise her kids. After all, she did her time. I should do mine."

Umm, right.

Steve Gilliard started a White Feather campaign to get the National Review's Jonah Goldberg to hit boot camp in preparation for combat duty in Iraq (the image alone of Goldberg running an obstacle course or crawling in mud under barbed wire and live M-60 tracer rounds is worth the effort -- UPDATE: Steve G's posted Goldberg's reaction, a beaut). I think the same should be done to Michael J. Totten. Here's a guy of military age who feels no shame in drunkenly lecturing Iraqi exiles on how they should conduct their internal affairs, who calls for political assassinations (that post aged well, eh Tots?), and who generally makes war whoops from the safety of his stateside desk. But at a time when the likes of Donna Cote face life-changing choices and the possibility of death overseas, Tots, tired from urging others to die and kill, has taken a vacation in Puerto Rico.

Isn't time that Tots face the fractured music he's helped compose? If you agree, email the guy ( and ask him why he feels that mothers of young children should do the fighting and dying for him while he lounges in Puerto Rican sand. Send me any replies and I'll post them here.