Friday, February 04, 2005


Is what Dear Leader is. But that's what makes him Dear. Honestly, would you want a humane, humble, intelligent W? It might be nice for the planet, but where's the fun? the blood-caked slapstick? W was built this way. For a reason. Pay attention and appreciate the show.

DL's State of What Passes For A Union (I'm mildly surprised that W's crew hasn't erased "Union" in favor of simply "State") was worthy of some of the better Soviet-staged offerings, the lofty rhetoric, the martial posturing, the mechanical applause from the Politburo. I used to think that the Reagan admin was bad, and it was, but RR's style was more "Gee whiz ma'am, juss' doin' my job," than the pompous, chest-thrusting approach that W prefers. I always knew he was arrogant, but now I'm beginning to think that the man is losing his mind. All that power combined with all that denial and hubris -- phew, toxic, man, toxic.

And of course DL danced atop American and Iraqi dead, oblivious to reality or even shame. And where were the howls from those who berated Michael Moore for featuring Lila Lipscomb in "Fahrenheit 9/11" when DL dragged out a grieving mother of his own? Karl Rove and Co. aren't shy about ripping off scenarios from their enemies. That's what makes them so good. And the ink-stained fingers! How could I overlook those? Forget the fact that the Bush gang opposed direct elections in Iraq. Forget that they caved in to Ayatollah Sistani rather than face a massive Shi'a insurrection. Forget that Iraq's election did nothing to loosen the US grip on that country (we'll see how long Sistani and his followers go along with the imperial charade). Just dip your finger in some ink and think nothing but happy thoughts! (Groupthink hasn't been this groovy since Jonestown.)

On deadline, so I pass the rant baton to Arianna Huffington, Marc Cooper (scroll down to his Wed post), and Justin Raimondo. What they said.

Oh yeah -- our Noble Crusade to spread our Superior Values has hit another snag. Maybe some of those giddy GOP bloggers I linked to above could help fill the ranks. Wrap those ink-stained fingers around an M-16's trigger and get to work!

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