Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Nearly 146,000 now dead, God knows how many missing, survivors still in shock and perhaps even worse to come. But the good news is that, thanks to his tsunami tour/photo op, Jeb Bush's political profile has been raised.

Though he downplays talk of his running in '08 (more rational observers predict a '12 campaign), it's clear that Jeb and those who handle him are definitely looking to the White House. And why not? Half of those who bother to vote seem to love the Bush family. If they feel that the likes of W. should lord over us, then I'd think Jeb is a sure bet. Imagine it -- 16 straight years of Bush family rule. Deepening Red State fascism, expanded imperial war, publicly intoxicated relatives undermining the family's Official Christian pose.

Exciting times, eh? I only hope that Kitty Kelley remains healthy to
capture it all.