Sunday, April 10, 2005

Me Kick Ball, Then Kill Siegfried, Roy

I always thought there was something insidious about Siegfried & Roy, though my suspicions were always linked to their clothes and hair. But former Oakland Raiders kicker Cole Ford saw something deeper, and felt the need to act:

"'While watching Siegfried and Roy, [Ford] had a sudden realization that what was wrong with the world was linked to the illusionists' treatment, dominance and unhealthy intimacy he saw them having with their animals,' [psychiatrist Norton] Roitman wrote.

"Ford told Roitman that he thought the entertainers' contact with their animals was sexual and related to the development of viruses such as AIDS."

And you thought only quarterbacks could pick up hidden signals.

THIS JUST IN: Former Tampa Bay Bucs kicker Martin Gramatica contends that global warming and high gas prices are part of a massive psy-ops plot financed in part by --