Monday, October 31, 2005

The Undead

What a perfect time of year for US elites to wage war on each other. Far from being "Fitzmas," which so many online libs are currently celebrating, it's more like Fitzoween, where the ghouls and zombies who rule us remove their human masks and expose the twisted visages they normally show each other. It's beginning to remind me of "Underworld," an entertaining but not terribly deep horror flick in which vampires and werewolves try to wipe each other out in a nocturnal battle of dark damned souls. And though, unfortunately, there's no real life counterpart to Kate Beckinsale's petite but powerful vampire assassin, there's still the spectacle of Scooter Libby being dragged before the High Tribunal, while Karl Rove and Dick Cheney await the midnight rap at the door.

Those heartened by Patrick Fitzgerald's promise that more action's on the way might keep in mind who's going after whom here -- Fitz is no Billy Jack taking on a bunch of redneck thugs and their political sponsors. He represents another wing of the American power structure, and when government officials fuck with powerful institutions like the CIA, and then lie about it to the FBI, payback is assured. Recall that Watergate was primarily about one part of American power, the Dems, responding to criminal subversion and attacks from another part, the GOP. But Lycan Lord Richard Nixon underestimated his sleepless foes; the evil he sent out came back to torture him, and by early-1974 late night howls from the Oval Office were commonplace as aides sought some kind of cover.

What's happening is not a People's Crusade but a ruling order row. Cheney and his minions overstepped, and now it appears that they will pay. But remember that this is all played out over our heads, without our input, in places we'll never see. Root for Fitz all you wish, but understand that you are merely spectators to a systemic cleansing ritual. The ghouls are trying to reestablish the unholy balance that the zombies hoped to destroy.

Indictments bring only so much pain. I suggest silver bullets filled with holy water.