Thursday, March 30, 2006


Going away for a few days, visiting various sites from my youth. I may post over the weekend, should the urge strike; but more likely, I won't return till Mon.

A few items for your amusement:

A piece by and interview with Gore Vidal. Either read or listen, or listen as you read. Like having Gore telling you a very Grimm bedtime story, with no ending in sight.

A bunch of videos about and by Alan Moore, author of "V For Vendetta" and "Watchmen", among many other fine comic tales.

A 2004 New Yorker profile of Larry David, which I just stumbled across. Gets inside the head of the guy who makes pettiness poetic.

Also, HOORAY for Jill Carroll being released unharmed in Iraq! Great news. As for other stories coming out of Iraq, well . . .