Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Gonna be a bit lax on the blogging for the next few days (working on a piece for money, among other things). But I wanted to fill some space, so ---

Here's a nice photo of Charlie Scott of the ABA's Virginia Squires (driving on Steve "Snapper" Jones of the Dallas Chaparrals):

Got to see Scott live when the Squires came to Indy to play the Pacers. Modeled my jumper after his, but that combined with Pete Maravich's dribble needlessly complicated my game ("Go with one or the other, son," advised Ol' Coach Denton between whistle blasts). In any event, a great player to watch in that great, nearly forgotten league.

And then there's my love for crazy weathermen (Windows required for maximum enjoyment). Been told this guy was shipped off to rehab. Don't know why. Willard Scott's still free.