Friday, January 14, 2005


Dunno if this is true or not, but according to troops who fought in Fallujah, the insurgents were hitting the pipe between fire fights, as well as shooting speed.

Assuming that the users are practicing Muslims (and not Ba'athist professionals), one wonders if this is allowed under the Koran. My Muslim friends are pretty anti-drug. Still, imperial wars blur a lot of lines, so I suppose anything goes once a city is assaulted and destroyed.

The use of crack & speed reinforces an earlier point made here that, unlike Vietnam, this war is not a hallucinogenic affair. This is ramped up mad throbbing screaming stomping cyber-kill. An old Viet vet once told me that he & his buddies would sit behind sandbags and smoke wicked Thai weed while watching tracer rounds and explosions rip through the night. He said it was almost beautiful to see. Well, them days is gone. Welcome to Full Throttle Insanity.

If we play our PR cards right, we can merge the Iraq war with the Drug War. Think of it -- commercials featuring zonked-out Sunni and Shi'ite zombies marching into suburbia, kicking down doors and threatening to behead anyone who won't help them get their next fix, brought to you by the Partnership for a Drug Free Iraq.

"Remember kids, insurgency isn't cool, but an insurgency on drugs is even less cool. Wanna be cool? Join the Marines today!"

And on top of everything else, there's this:

"Top military officials consider the discoveries evidence not just of drug use among insurgents, but also of smuggling operations that they say the Sunni Muslim rebels in Fallujah may have been using to finance the insurgency."

Using drug profits to finance a war? Those Iraqis are getting more Americanized every day.