Saturday, June 18, 2005


Mega-apogs for the dearth of posts of late. With the encouragement of several people in and out of the publishing world, I'm submerging into a new book, my first serious attempt in years. It's a prequel of sorts to the manuscript I finished a few years ago which received some serious interest from several editors, but which I ultimately pulled and shelved as they tried to steer me into a dopey commercial direction that undermined my original concept. I won't go into all the particulars now, but this new effort is gonna require a lot of emotional stamina as I'm essentially ripping open my chest for all to see.

I've been told that what I'm attempting is commercial-ready. If so, then I can proceed without all the busy extra hands smudging my text (though they'll be there at some point -- perils of the trade). Just know that your humble blogger will be pouring out words at an accelerated rate, and this may affect Red State Son to some degree. But then, maybe not. This space serves as my safety-valve, and from the mail I receive, a lot of you enjoy and appreciate me blowing off steam. Given the project before me, I'll need this space more than ever. Just know that when I'm not tapping out rants here, I'll be filling countless notebook pages in longhand, switching from pencil to pen depending on mood or narrative turn. For what I have to dig up and lay out, a keyboard is useless. In time you'll see why.