Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Don The Mask

Since I remain tied down with showbiz duties (trying to rent a mule and a gaggle of geese for a White House-run-by-farm-animals bit that I'm certain will kill), I suggest you swing by Max Blumenthal's place and read his nice take on the ever-devolving Hitchens. Indeed, if there exists a living, wheezing, bloated example of purest DEVO, it's Hitch:

Got an urge got a surge
And it’s out of control
Got an urge I wanna purge
’cause I’m losing control
Uncontrollable urge
I wanna tell you all about it
Uncontrollable urge
Makes me scream and shout it

Now, if only he'd wear the Booji Boy mask (seen above) made iconic by Mark Mothersbaugh, his raw public displays would take on much-needed theatrical flair. Is he not men?