Monday, September 12, 2005


Red State Son is not long for this world, and neither is American Fan.

Is this a money pitch? Naw. I'm simply rethinking my entire online operation (such as it is). The plan at the moment is to scrap both this and the Fan site and re-emerge with a single, polished domain of my own, complete with a new design and most likely some ads. As Son approaches its first birthday, I've decided to do this thing for real, and stop dicking around with Blogspot.

What I'd like from you is some feedback: What would you want to see on the new site? What kind of topics would you like me to tackle? Subjects to analyze and explore? My passions are politics, pop culture and sports, and that's probably what I'll focus on. I want to get away from the blogworld, which is essentially headline chasing and multiple piggybacking, and settle deeply into a groove. But as you know, I tend to veer all over the place, which in market terms is considered "off-brand." I suppose I'm looking for my brand. As I roll this over in my mind, any suggestions or thoughts from you would be most appreciated.

So let's see those emails! In the meantime, I'll keep this pop stand open until it's time to shut off the lights.