Friday, January 27, 2006


Having read very little of Victor Davis Hanson's output, I'm indebted to Ian Garrick Mason, who apparently can ingest large amounts of Hanson's inflated prose without choking to death on the guy's pro-slaughter sanctimony. Ian's review of Hanson's new happy war tome was just pubbed in The Spectator, so read it already. Ian, a Toronto-based scribe and new friend of mine, is much calmer than I would be were I to review that book. Actually, I wouldn't review that book. I'd feed it to a woodchipper, then use the remains to line a Habitrail for the hamsters to crap on -- a form of "functional literacy" that goes beyond mere reading.

As I'm sure you've noticed, Ian has joined my semi-revised blogroll, along with pal K. of Bitch/Lab, satirist Barry Crimmins, a great guy who once wrote for Dennis Miller and emerged with wit intact, Michael Bérubé, an academic lib who's readable and actually funny, and Against The War on Terror, a new site run by grad students at Columbia who are asking and exploring overlooked and quite necessary questions about our present degraded state. Read them all. That should buy me enough time to cough up some new posts.