Friday, February 03, 2006


Believe it or not, Sporadic Posting Son has numerous posts just waiting to be delivered in this fine space, but, alas, my computer seems to have ingested a virus, and I cannot sustain a page at all (typing this little ditty on a borrowed machine across town). Hope to have the fucker flushed by Mon afternoon, but this means no weekend rants. And man, I had a nice mega-blast about the fascist nature of football (Nuremberg rallies with end zones) and how appropriate it is that this Sun's Über Bowl is being played at Detroit's Ford Field, owned by the family whose patriarch, Iron Cross Hank, was friendly with Hitler and who tried to warn America about the International Jewish conspiracy to destroy Christianity, usher in unionism, mixed marriages and Moses knows what else. But I have limited time, so nothing new till next week. But please visit my blogroll until we again meet -- plenty of good reading there, esp over at my pal Jon Schwarz's Tiny Revolution joint. JSwaz's been really bringin' it of late, so pop in there and say hey.

Oh yeah -- I'm going with the Steelers, though I haven't truly enjoyed the S. Bowl since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970. Consolidation smothers everything.