Thursday, January 20, 2005

All Hail Dear Leader!

On the joyful occasion of Inauguration Day, on behalf of the Glorious and Correct Republican Party and the Heroic American People, our warmest congratulations and heartfelt good wishes to Our Dear Leader, President George W. Bush!

In recent days, all Patriotic Americans have been very excited and happy to hear the news that President George W. Bush will be sworn-in for a second term. Those who are blessed to live in the United States, the Greatest Country in the history of Planet Earth, feel safe in the knowledge that Our Dear Leader, personally guided by God and Jesus Christ, will protect them from Evildoers and the various Dark Forces that seek to undermine our Superior Values.

Patriotic Americans are United behind President George W. Bush as he wages a Valiant Crusade to spread our Superior Values to a hungry, waiting world which desires to join Patriotic America and the Republican Party of the United States. We look forward to and celebrate another Four Year Plan to make this Glorious Vision a political reality.

Once again, on this Happy Inauguration Day, we affirm our support for the Republican Party and our solidarity with President George W. Bush's Heroic and Wise Struggle. We stand as ever shoulder to shoulder with Our Dear Leader in the cause of Christian Civilization and Privatization, the only future for humankind.