Thursday, March 31, 2005


Adding the aptly-titled Crooks and Liars to the blogroll. I know C&L has long been at fixture at many lib blogs, but I'm still relatively new to the terrain, and I take my time when endorsing this or that site.

I love C&L's numerous vid links, which show us the utter stupidity and depravity of cable chat. This past week has been a veritable Joe Scarborough laff fest, clip after clip displaying Scarborough's brick-headed idiocy and ideological arrogance. Y'think the MSNBC suits had this in mind when they dumped Phil Donahue, whose ratings were higher, by the way, in favor of Scarborough and the lovely Michael Savage? Recall that the suits thought that Donahue gave the network a "bad" image in wartime. Do they honestly believe that MSNBC looks better now?

Pass the gasoline around, boys. Someone has a match, I'm certain.