Friday, March 25, 2005


Do you feel it yet? Have you had your fill? How much more Schiavo-related madness and hypocrisy can you take?

This is one of the uglier political/religious displays I've seen. And while a solid majority of Americans believe that the Bush Bros. & DeLay are using Schiavo's weakening body for political advantage, our domestic phalange, represented by those waving "Auschwitz" signs outside the Pinellas Park hospice, are just warming up. Once Terri Schiavo passes from this lunatic realm, we'll see what this gang is really made of. They're already offering their children up for arrest. What will the next wave bring?

I won't further beat this disfigured topic, but it provides a candid glimpse of the faith-based authoritarians among us. How tight they really are with the Bush White House is open to question, but any connection should put one on guard. For all its talk about fighting "fascism" in the Middle East, this government seems quite comfy with an Americanized version of same.

Aargh. It'll get worse, I fear. A culture where a thug like Tom DeLay isn't ripped raw by the press and sent crawling into a sewage drain is one that'll tolerate all manner of ugliness. And it does, as you may have noticed.

Here's what disability rights activist Marta Russell thinks about the current show. Like me, Marta's part of LBO-Talk, and she's been lighting it up over Terri Schiavo in the past few days.

And check out Doug Ireland's takedown of Ralph Nader, who has linked arms with our phalange. I wrote for Nader in 2000. And this is how he thanks me?