Friday, March 04, 2005

No Time For Tots

Ask, and ye shall not receive.

A short while ago, I wrote about battle boy Michael Totten's decision to take a vacation in Puerto Rico while working class mothers and fathers are being sent to Iraq to kill and die for Tots's fantasies. I openly, and personally thru e-mail, asked him to explain why someone who publicly calls for political assassinations (a la Rafik Hariri in Lebanon) and who beats his toy drum for expanded war would take time to stroll a quiet beach when the military desperately needs fresh bodies to keep its "liberation" going.


Which is just as well. Unlike Steve Gilliard, who seems to really enjoy putting his foot up Jonah Goldberg's ass, I ultimately lack the burning desire to corner these stateside battle boys and wring from them some kind of explanation. I dunno if Steve G. truly wants to see the likes of Goldberg dodging roadside bombs in Baghdad, but I don't. All I wanted was some kind of rationalization, to see if it fit my expectation. Call it a minor semi-sociological experiment.

People like Totten are unreachable, I've decided. Esp when you read simplistic, chest-thumping crap like this (and note the "we" again when it comes to celebrating combat). Best to leave them in their backyard sandboxes, crashing plastic planes into plastic tanks, making BOOOOM noises and wetting their pants with excitement.