Saturday, February 25, 2006

Amid The Chaos

Feel like I should say something about Iraq, but honestly, at this savage point, what is there left to analyze? What was predicted by those who didn't think invading Iraq was such a hot concept is not only taking place, it has deepened and accelerated, as you may have noticed over the past few days. So much for the "flypaper" strategy once so happily touted by war supporters like Andrew Sullivan (wherein the insect Muslims stick to Iraq and are exterminated). But then, flypaper isn't known for effectively catching mortar fire, exploding cars and flying body parts. Perhaps a series of large, armor-plated roach motels? Or more white phosphorus serving as Raid?

I haven't really checked, but are any of the pro-war singers still warbling about the God Almighty Glory of our wondrous Iraq crusade? I mean, who wouldn't love to hear Clint Black belt out "Iraq and Roll" right about now? Click here, crank up your speakers, and git those boots a'stompin' dammit! It's your wipin' out the ragheads when they ain't killin' each other right!

And thanks to pal Jon Schwarz, who reads the New Republic so people like me don't have to, we now discover that Iraq's Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari is a Noam Chomsky fan, and wishes that Noam would visit Iraq. First Pat Tillman, who was to meet with Chomsky upon his return to the States, then Jafari. I wonder what a certain Beltway war mongering media hungry scribe thinks of that?