Thursday, February 09, 2006

More To Come

Been sans computer for nearly a week (using a borrowed box in a bustling ofc on the other side of A2, so extensive posts are out till I get my mended machine back home), and I've forgotten what life is like away from the keyboard & mouse. It's nice. Quiet. No visual chaos. I've got several posts in the hopper, but I'm sketching them out on paper with pencil and pen. This also gives me time to work on my present project -- a short book on the many many downsides of American patriotism, and how it poisons what passes for our political/cultural debate, esp post-9/11. Yeah, that should be a big bestseller. Nothing people like more than to be told that flag waving and anthems are empty gestures and how our rulers use these symbols to keep us under thumb. Oprah can't wait for her copy.

So please be patient -- Red Boy will be barking at his screen quite soon.