Thursday, June 29, 2006

Really Big Chicken Roosting

Dwayne Monroe, a must-read regular at LBO-Talk, runs a witty, eclectic blog, Weber's Polar Night, which I've added to the Roll. And it was there I found this Japanese vid showing what will happen when the 99942 Apophis near-Earth asteroid smashes into our humble planet.

This Terror Rock, pocked with numerous al-Craters, is supposed to end our existence in 2039, so there's still plenty of time to patriotically consume at home and kill and torture others abroad before the final check arrives. I'll probably be dust before this happens, but if I do make it till then, I'll be sure to ingest some mega-hallucinogens that will be invented in the future so I can fully appreciate the light show. The colors, man! Check out the colors!