Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jihad Jerry

In and out today. No time to sit for an extended period and mash the keys. So in lieu of original composition, I guide you to this great new site, updated weekly, by a member of Akron, Ohio's own DEVO: Mine Is Not A Holy War.

The essays are all right. But the real fun is found in the Lowdown on the Download animations at the top of the page. I especially recommend you click on "Jihad Jerry's Manifesto" and "Army Girls Gone Wild," in that order. Perfect for our time. Laugh while you can.

Fear not. Tomorrow it's back to the misery and madness.

OH: Speaking of laffs, I've had a few readers ask me over the past few weeks if I was the same guy who wrote the liner notes for The Criterion Collection's W.C. Fields DVDs. Ahhh yes.